TRIUMF Blacklist: What Is It and How To Remove Yourself From It

The Warmup Inbox Team
The Warmup Inbox Team

What is The TRIUMF Blacklist?

The Triumf Blacklist (RBL2.TRIUMF.CA) is an up to date blacklist that is filled with list relays that have sent spam to the domain.  The Triumf Blacklist is considered a RBL, which means it’s a real-time, remote blacklist.  Their primary goal is to block spam coming from IP Addresses.  Landing on the Triumf Blacklist will affect the user’s deliverability, which will directly affect their outreach campaign.  If the user is a repeat offender, the worse the deliverability gets.  Over time, the spam emails may get the user’s email blocked permanently.

How Do I Find Out If I Am On The TRIUMF Blacklist?

If you are on the Triumf Blacklist, that means you participated in spam-like activity.  If you know for a fact that you did not, you may have a security problem within your computer network.  Be sure to check your security as soon as possible if that’s the case.  To see if you are on the Triumf Blacklist, you can check here.

How Can I Remove Myself From The TRIUMF Blacklist?

If you are on the Triumf Blacklist, you’ll need to manually request to be removed from it.  The process is simple.  All you need to do is:

  1. Email
  2. Request removal from the Triumf Blacklist.  

Keep in mind, these blacklist organizations are very particular when it comes to requesting removal.  Be sure to plead your case fully with supporting data or proof of the occurrence.

How do I reduce my risk of getting onto the TRIUMF Blacklist?

The best way to avoid getting listed on a blacklist is to engage in proper email practices such as...

  • Verify all email addresses before attempting outreach
  • Avoid sending unnecessary emails
  • Avoid the use of spam words within your email drafts
  • Keep your sending volume to a minimum (30-50 a day if your inbox has been warmed up with us for at least 30 days)