Konstant Blacklist: What Is It and How To Remove Yourself From It

The Warmup Inbox Team
The Warmup Inbox Team

What is The Konstant Blacklist?

The Konstant Blacklist is a list of IP Addresses that have been caught in a “honey pot spam trap.  Those IP Addresses belong to cyber spammers who send bulk spam across the internet.  Spammers can also land on the Konstant Blacklist by being reported by email users.  The Konstant Blacklist Organization manually goes through the list of IP Addresses to audit if there are any false positives that have triggered the spam filters.  The Konstant Blacklist is known as an RBL (Realtime blacklist) which is a spam blocking list.  

The side effects of landing on the Konstant Blacklist are increasing delivery issues, slowing of campaign effectiveness, and the potential for permanent blocking.  A user’s sender reputation is very important when it comes to email campaigns.  Landing on the Konstant Blacklist will directly hurt the user and decrease the email reputation.  

How do I find out if I am on the Konstant Blacklist?

If your email triggered the Konstand Blacklist’s “honey pots” then you may have landed on their list automatically.  Once the spam traps are alerted of spam, that IP Address is immediately added to the Konstant Blacklist.  Like mentioned before, the Organization’s team periodically checks the list to make sure there were no mistakes made by the spam traps.

How Can I Remove Myself From Konstant Blacklist?

To remove an IP Address from the Konstant Blacklist, the user must follow this link and search for their IP Address.  Once the IP Address is found on the list, request removal on the Konstant Blacklist website.

How do I reduce my risk of getting onto the Konstant Blacklist?

The best way to avoid getting listed on a blacklist is to engage in proper email practices such as...

  • Verify all email addresses before attempting outreach
  • Avoid sending unnecessary emails
  • Avoid the use of spam words within your email drafts
  • Keep your sending volume to a minimum (30-50 a day if your inbox has been warmed up with us for at least 30 days)

Blacklist: An online database that aggregates email addresses and domains that have been reported on multiple occasions to be sending out spam or malicious content to others on a large scale. These blacklists are used as a reference by mail servers in order to determine how safe it is to accept messages coming from unknown domains and addresses.

Spamtraps: Email addresses that spammers have harvested or created, but the owner of these email addresses never used them to receive wanted email or to subscribe intentionally to mailing lists.

IP Address: Internet Protocol is a unique address that identifies a device on the internet or a local network.  IP is the set of rules governing the format of data sent via the internet or local network.