The Warmup Inbox Team
The Warmup Inbox Team

What Does Subscribe Mean?

When customers want to subscribe to a mailing list, they want to stay updated about a business. This could include learning about new product launches or being the first to know about sales or discovering steps the company is taking toward improvements.

Using email subscriptions is an excellent way to gather leads who actually want to stay in the know about your company and continue your relationship with previous customers. Instead of throwing shots in the dark, subscriptions allow interested customers to come to you. It will enable you to warm up your leads and build brand loyalty through a strategically executed email campaign.

What Are the Elements of Email Subscription?

Email subscriptions consist of three elements: a lead magnet, a subscription form, and a confirmation email.

  • Lead Magnet

The lead magnet incentivizes customers to add their information to a mailing list. This could be something simple, such as getting exclusive industry insights, or it can be something they get in return for signing up, such as a free download or coupon towards their next purchase.

  • Subscription Form

The subscription form is the set of fields that a customer fills out to sign up for your mailing list. Subscription forms can stand on their own at any point on a website but work best when paired with a lead magnet. Subscription forms can consist of only the customer’s name and email address, but some companies use their subscription forms to allow the customer to choose what kind of messages they get from the business.

  • Confirmation Email

The confirmation email serves as a way to implement a double opt-in method for your subscribers. It gives them the chance to confirm that their email address is correct and that they wish to continue receiving messages from you. This helps the company stay out of spam folders and keep its deliverability rate high.

Email Subscription Best Practices

When it comes to gathering clients to send emails to and keeping them actively engaged with your content, it’s good practice to:

  • Make it easy to subscribe through clear CTAs and visible subscription forms
  • Be mobile-friendly, so that leads on their smartphones or tablets can sign up too
  • Provide newsletters often enough that they don’t forget about you but not so frequently that they choose to unsubscribe
  • Be recognizable with cohesive branding
  • Use a sender’s name that they know (rather than and make sure your subject lines are eye-catching to increase your open rate
  • Run tests and make changes
  • Take advantage of drip campaigns or triggered emails