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The Warmup Inbox Team
The Warmup Inbox Team

What Is an Email Campaign?

Email campaign is a series of marketing efforts that connect to a company’s subscribed email list. Email campaigns are designed to encourage the audience to take a specific action. And since the recipients are already on the subscription list, this action is usually to make a purchase.

Most email campaigns are a single email or a short segment of emails, and the content varies depending on the desired action. Email campaigns should be direct and to the point and allow readers to learn more by clicking on a link. Newsletters can be longer than product or service boosts, but emails should still stay under 1000 words total.

Different Types of Email Campaigns

There are twelve types of email campaigns:

  1. Welcome emails – thanking a customer for signing up for emails, maybe offers a coupon or a chance to set their preferences
  2. Announcement Emails – telling customers about something that’s happening in your business, whether it’s an event, a new product launch, or collaboration with another business
  3. Testimonial Request Emails – asking your customer to leave a review or complete a survey
  4. Holiday Emails – engaging with customers around a holiday to encourage sales
  5. Invitation Emails – inviting customers to an event, conference, webinars, etc.
  6. Seasonal Emails – pushing seasonal products or services, like umbrellas in spring or leaf raking in fall
  7. Reactivation Emails – asking customers who haven’t engaged with your platform to recommit to receiving your emails
  8. Abandoned Shopping Cart Emails – reminding customers that they almost purchased something and encouraging them to complete their purchase
  9. Cross-Selling Emails – offering suggestions for other products or services based on products they’ve purchased
  10. Upselling Emails – describing and offering upgrades based on products or services based on products they’ve purchased
  11. Newsletters – building a relationship with customers through non-promotional engagement
  12. Anniversary Emails – celebrating another year in business or another year with your customers

How Does an Email Campaign Work?

To launch an email campaign, determine the desired action you want your customers to take. Identify the people on your subscription list who the campaign applies to, then create an engaging email and send it out.

Importance of Sending Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are important because they’re an easy way to connect with subscribers and keep your company fresh in their minds. Sending strategic email campaigns can help with:

  • Nurturing leads
  • Converting leads
  • Engaging customers over long periods of time
  • Collecting data about subscribers
  • Improving your business