Dedicated IP

The Warmup Inbox Team
The Warmup Inbox Team

What Is a Dedicated IP?

Dedicated IP is an IP address that only one person is allowed to use. A provider assigns the user a static IP address unique to the user but different from the user’s local IP. With a dedicated IP, all of your web traffic will be funneled through that IP address without sacrificing your security protocols.

What Is the Difference Between a Dedicated IP and a Shared IP?

The primary difference between a dedicated IP and a shared IP is that a dedicated IP is only accessible to one user, and multiple users can access a shared IP.

Users with a dedicated IP use the same IP address no matter where they are or what they’re doing as long as they can connect to that specific VPN server.

On the other hand, shared IPs give multiple users access to a connection through a VPN provider. If a bunch of people in Los Angeles are trying to watch Game of Thrones on HBO, they may be streaming the show through the same VPN. All of the GoT binge-watchers’ data is being funneled through the same server as various other people’s data.

The Advantages of a Dedicated IP Address

  • Prevent Accidental Blocklisting – when you share an IP address with other people, you can’t control how they use their Internet connection. Some blocklists operate by identifying problematic IP addresses, so having a dedicated IP can prevent you from getting your emails blocked because of someone else’s actions.
  • Stay Out of Spam Folders – emails that come from dedicated IPs are more trusted by ISPs, and using a dedicated IP can instantly boost your sender reputation
  • No Extra Verification – specific sites don’t immediately trust shared IPs and may require account authentication
  • Faster Emails with a Higher Delivery Rate –emails coming from a dedicated IP are more trusted than emails originating from a shared IP
  • Working from Home is Safer – if all members of your company work from a dedicated IP, your sensitive information will be more secure

The Disadvantages of a Dedicated IP Address

  • Costs More - Dedicated IPs are an investment while connecting to a shared IP is free
  • Less Privacy - You have less anonymity on a dedicated IP because websites can create profiles based on the activity on your IP address or link the IP address to individuals in the company