Best Cold Email Templates With Examples You Need To Check Out Today

Cold emailing is an art and a skill. Creating one from scratch for a specific prospect can be exhausting, but the rewards are worth it if you do it right. To help you, we’ve gathered some of the best cold email templates for some inspiration.

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Guest post written by Will Cannon - founder and CEO of UpLead, a B2B prospecting software that helps you build high-quality prospecting lists.

Cold emailing is an art and a skill. Creating one from scratch for a specific prospect can be exhausting, but the rewards are worth it if you do it right. To help you, we’ve gathered some of the best cold email templates for some inspiration. These templates will ensure you're sending off emails in a professional manner and they get read, so you don't spend all day waiting for replies.

How to Use Cold Email Templates with Examples

A cold email must have the power and significance of an important message. It should be short yet compelling enough to be read by those who need your service or product.

Sometimes, a simple introduction template can put you on the road to a sale. It's important that you don’t overwhelm your prospect with too much information early on in conversations. Instead, show them something of value from your product or service so they know it’s worth talking about more.

In addition, to write an effective cold email, avoid buzzwords. While there are many best strategies, this one works for everyone. Limit the content to 2-3 sentences so the reader has an easier time scanning it on any device.

Finally, use some decent websites to get free leads to send your cold emails to.

Here’s an example of a cold email:

Source: Sales Hacker

The email uses a hyper-personalized and clever subject line to resonate with the time and moment in the company. And a personalized video thumbnail that includes the prospect's name is a great reminder of just how customized this particular marketing message will be.

4 Cold Email Examples You Can Learn From

Cold emailing is a great way for business owners to get the ball rolling when it comes to networking and setting up meetings. If you are indecisive about whether this strategy will work for your business, we've got five examples that will convince you it's worth trying.

Example 1: VideoFruit’s $3k Contract

Source: Growth Tools

Bryan’s strategy

Bryan uses personalization subtly to make the cold email appear more attractive. He mentions he’s a client in the first sentence, then drops the name of someone well known within the industry. With a clever choice of words, he raises hopes that he might be bringing something special to the table.

Why is it great?

The content of the speech focuses on showcasing Bryan’s personal experience along with proof to back up his claims. He also offers a well-tailored example just for the prospect, which adds value by demonstrating why he deserves trust from those reading and what kind of results they can expect when working together⁠.

Lastly, the “soft call out” at the end suggests there's more — perhaps some other opportunities or services specifically related to the prospect's needs.

Example 2: “Congrats on the New Role”

Source: Sales Hacker

Ryan’s strategy

Being straightforward is the tactic. The email is written to contact a startup founder, exec, or business influencer to get their input for an upcoming article they would want Ryan to write. To make the blog post more appealing, he plans to use their quote, spread the word, and promote it heavily.

What makes it work?

Ryan had already highlighted partnership prospects in an article sent out on the blog and emailed the list to foster a deeper collaboration. This gave Ryan more credibility when asking anything—partnering or participating in podcasts/virtual summits, promotional ask, or more.

Example 3: Securing an appointment

Source: Uplead

Iris’s strategy

The writer gets right to the point about what they do, why their company matters, and how it can benefit them. Besides, they know the company runs on Scala.

What makes it work?

Since the email sender is aware of the software, the recipient is sent to the landing page directly and mentions the prospect’s GitHub projects. This shows that they have paid attention while using an approach that scales and gets right down to the business’s needs — without wasting time or resources on anything unnecessary.

Example 4: Pain Over Pleasure

Source: Yesware

The strategy

Focus on the problem. Brainstorm what dangers lie in your prospect’s path and how your product will help them overcome these challenges.

What makes it work?

It's not just the feeling of pleasure but also the pain that motivates people. They want to avoid hassle and problems in any way possible. So, it is natural for people to seek out opportunities with minimal risk or downside potentials, thus proving the tactic is on point.

Best 4 Cold Email Templates You Can Start Using Today

In an effort to help you find more effective email templates, we have collected five cold sends for your business. These are great ways to get started with generating warm leads!

Template 1: Engaging the prospect


The strategy

You can't go wrong with a compliment. Start by saying how fantastic the email recipient is. The indirect, concise form of praise does more than make one feel good. Sum up the entire operation, and make it easier for the recipient to comprehend the intention.

What makes it work?

It's not hard to see why “help” is such a popular word. People love the feeling of being helped, and they enjoy doing the same for others. Helping makes both parties feel important enough to continue with a transaction or relationship.

Template 2: Introducing “You”

Source: Hubspot

The strategy

Another good tactic is to know how to make a good impression with clients. Just like with the cold email above, get down to the company's business. Mention improvement possibilities, and provide the value with functional solutions. The call to action should be clear, concise, and easy to understand, making it quick for customers or clients to get straight into the business.

What makes it work?

The template is a great way to capture the attention of your viewers and make them feel like they're part of what's going on. One great thing about this model is the customization options that allow you to highlight specific pain points or deal with more general ones.

Template 3: All value, no favor

Source: Pipedrive

The strategy

No favors! No meetings! The email sender can offer value by giving the prospect a piece of content that will be useful and helpful for the team.

What makes it work?

If your goal is to build a relationship with prospects, one of the best ways to do this is by adding value to prospects' inboxes with useful content. There is no need to pitch them on every email you send. This is perfect for content emails.

Template 4: Promote product

Source: Mailshake

The strategy

Be as direct as possible. Tell the prospect directly you have a product or service they may use to their benefit.

What makes it work?

A little creativity goes a long way. A creative, witty subject line and the first line of text make the email more likely to be opened than one that doesn't excite the reader's interest at all. Moreover, mentioning your other customers’ names (mainly the big fish like Gary Vaynerchuk or Malcolm Gladwell) adds weight to the email.


The key to using cold email templates effectively is in the targeting. You need to comprehend who your customers are, what they want, and how to help them before sending out an email pitch. Remember that tone matters when it comes to business emails, so make sure yours is friendly but formal.

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